Data Science Starters

So, this post is for someone who wants to learn Data Science but is not able to find where to start from. In this post, I will share some crucial resources (free) that would help you get started with your Data Science journey,


So, to get started with Data Science you must be fluent in programming. Generally, Data Scientists use either Python or R for their day to day activities. I personally prefer python but some people in the organization where I used to work earlier preferred R. So, the first step towards your Data Science journey should be to learn programming either in Python or R. I am sharing some resources for learning Python and R. These should be enough to get you hands on with either of these of programming languages.

Free Resources for Learning Python


Free Resources for Learning R


Now, once you have command over a programming language. Next thing is to explore the libraries provided by Python and R which can be used for Data Analysis. So, next we will talk about some of the libraries which are of utmost importance and are necessary to learn.


Pandas can be considered as the starting point towards Data Analytics/Data Science. It is a library that allows you to store data of different formats like csv, json, html, parquet etc. in a DataFrame format. A pandas DataFrame is a tabular structure consisting of rows and columns that stores data. Along with storing, it also allows to perform efficient computations on the data. Sharing below some important resources for learning Pandas.

Free Resources for Learning Pandas



NumPy is the library in Python that allows you to perform large and complex computations on data efficiently. NumPy can handle manipulation of large n-dimensional arrays very easily. It is an easy to use library that provides fast and versatile, vectorization, indexing, and broadcasting concepts as well.

Free Resources for Learning NumPy



Matplotlib is a comprehensive library for creating static, animated, and interactive visualizations in Python. Matplotlib makes easy things easy and hard things possible.

Free Resources for Learning Matplotlib


So, these were some free resources that would definitely help you get started with your Data Science journey. I hope this blog post helped you. Please do subscribe for more such informative content on Data Science. You can reach out to me on LinkedIn, I would be happy to have a conversation with you. I hope that your journey is full of success and learning.

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